New Rivals, new matchup!

The old faces the new in what Cat Daddy proclaims as the ultimate “what if” matchup! Seattle fans are still licking their wounds from having their franchise taken by OKC, will they rally together and deliver one more victory for the Sonics or will the Thunder take it all with their scoring champion Kevin Durant? Who will you side with? Let us know!

Here are the rewards for this event, what tier will you be going for?


5 years ago
Written by McDiddy
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14 comments on “New Rivals, new matchup!

  1. can someone please give me some advice on how to get any epic or legendary cards? I have played over 5,000 games and I have got 2 epic cards and 0 legendary cards

    • That’s some poor luck Jimmy.

      People generally seem to get Epics about every 1,100 games, so on average you should have 4 or 5 by now. As far as legendaries some people have played over 10k games and still haven’t pulled one, although I pulled mine about 6,500 game in.

      There is no specific way to draft good cards, Cat Daddy (the producers of this game) have gone on record multiple times explaining the draft boards are completely random, so there shouldn’t be anything we can do other than hope to get good cards. Some people have tried out patterns, you can read about those in our forums here on the website. Thanks for checking it out and good luck!

  2. TryFlyWhyCryTryFlyWhyCry

    I ended up getting my first legend card! Upgraded and being my favourite PG and from my favourite team! :D Great work, can’t wait for the next RC as I hear the rating boundaries have been increased :D

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