Win a free legendary pack!

Here at mynbamobile we are rolling out a new competition that will couple with the next rivals event, the winner will receive 2,500 credits (enough to buy a legendary pack). 2nd place will get 600 credits and 3rd place will get 200. Registration is closed for now as we have had an influx of participants but stay tuned for more events! You can check out the event details HERE

Best of luck to those competing! Here is the complete list of the current participants:


  • -Kjdhs
  • TheMadChapel
  • Hulius
  • DecimatedHD
  • goody55
  • Stiltz
  • jman2k
  • bacontower
  • __XoTiic__
  • Splash
  • shellyhorse
  • fallensk8r
  • LikeABosh
  • MrBlazEakaJB
  • Robthrees
  • ccpaulin
  • drhay53
  • YellowBucks
  • Kyle
  • vfeng
  • drose1
  • kiyota
  • ajiie
  • xvr
  • HV99
5 years ago
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8 comments on “Win a free legendary pack!

  1. TryFlyWhyCryTryFlyWhyCry

    Would love to try for one of these! :D Great idea! For the Future my IGN for the app is DavidCJ :)

    • Hey Jordan,

      Here is the info that we’ve posted on the donation perks…

      $10 – For a donation of this amount your screename here on the forums will be blue instead of the regular black, making your name stand out on the pages and the memberlist, for now only the Admins and Mods have custom name colors.

      $20 – This will earn you the special screename color along with two custom card designs of your choice. Choose any player and any style card and it will be customized and created for you buy our resident professional designer… yours truly! Note: These cards can’t be used in game, but you can do whatever else you want with them!

      $50 – This tier makes you a featured donor! Will will have a Featured Donors page much like our ‘The Team’ page, with your picture (optional) and information about you, so you know, if you want to be famous this is the best way to do it! You will also received the other perks, a special screename color and two custom cards of your choice.

      Your total donation amounts can build on each other, so if you donate $10 twice of course you will be upgraded to the $20 tier and so on.

      Thanks for your interest and have fun gaming!

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