Next Rivals Clashes in California!

In the 1987 NBA Western Conference semifinals Eric “Sleepy” Floyd single-handedly kept his Golden State Warriors alive against the “Showtime” LA Lakers. In game 4 Floyd set an NBA playoff record for points in a quarter (29) and in a half (39); despite scoring 51 points and leading the Warriors to victory that game, the mighty Lakers, led by Magic Johnson, claimed ultimate victory, beating the Warriors before going on to win the NBA Title over the Boston Celtics.

Will Magic Johnson and his stacked Lakers team continue to roll, or will Sleepy Floyd’s underdogs get the upper hand? Let us know who you’re going for!



4 years ago
Rivals Clash
Written by McDiddy
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5 comments on “Next Rivals Clashes in California!

  1. Ren Anguiano

    I just wish I had enough points throught the Rivals Clash Event to obtain some Legendary cards. Just how many points would I need to even qualify for 650-2000 reward slot?

  2. Top 650 tier is approximately 7500, isn’t really worth it this week as Elgin Baylor isn’t a very good small forward compared to most. Hopefully they will start giving something more than an epic support card for top 350 as that takes about 9000.

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