New Event: Red Hot Redemption

The Miami Heat were defeated in the 2014 NBA Finals by a tactful, fined-tuned San Antonio Spurs squad. Now the Heat are back and looking for redemption. As the Heat gather together to contend for another title you will gather as many Heat players as possible to improve your deck.


  • Collect as many Heat cards (uncommon, rare, legendary or playoffs) as possible, those with the most at the end of the event will be rewarded.


  • The event begins Tuesday at 12am PST (or midnight on Monday) and ends Sunday at 6pm PST, same as the Rivals events.
  • You must register for the event, you can do so by posting your ign (In Game Name) in this thread, registration can be done any time before the event ends on Sunday but you have to register!
  • The cards must be drafted, not bought from team packs, this can and will be verified by Cat Daddy.
  • Only cards collected within the event timeframe will be counted, drop times will be verified by Cat Daddy.
  • If you train any of your new Heat cards they will not be counted, leave their training level at 0, please.
  • Common cards do not count in this event; just the Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Playoff cards will count towards your total.
  • If 2 players end up with the same points the person with the “best” cards wins.






Get ready to bring the heat and good luck!!


Note: Each card counts for different points based on its rarity. The points go as follows…
Uncommon – 1 point
Rare – 2 points
Epic – 3 points
Legendary – 4 points
Playoff – 5 points
Picking the winner:

After the event post a list of your heat cards sorted by team, remember that the card has to be level 0 to count towards the event.

Remember to register HERE

5 years ago
Written by McDiddy
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205 comments on “New Event: Red Hot Redemption

  1. ign:Abel
    started 2 weeks ago
    leg: Dennis Rodman
    epic: Rudy Gay, Andre Iguadola, Maurice Cheeks, Greg Monroe, Jamal Crawford, Horace Grant, Robert Parish, and Larry Johnson
    pro rare: Gordon Hayward

  2. Guys. Read the topic once more. This is just the newsfeed. There’s a link to signups in the announcement

    • Just regular since we’re technically doing the event, not Cat Daddy. They have generously offered to divvy out the awards though so that’s awesome of them.

  3. ign is Loopster with a capital L. My mvp is the halftime show logo thing (glitch). sorry if theres a dulplicate post of this.

  4. Regikickass

    Hi Mcdiddy i tried registering an account on the forums and i set everything up but i am not getting the email to fully register my account so if there is anything you can do to help me please do and my ING is Regikickass just in case i cannot register on the forums properly

  5. IGN: DOPE
    MVP Card: Epic Rondo not pro

    I tried to registried but the page never send me back the activation email sorry if my english is bad im for Puerto Rico

  6. Witam i cant register i got activation mail but its doesn’t work my ign siwkerss mvp Felton reare pro ft knicks please send me another activation mail

  7. Hi McDiddy. Have signed up for the forum 2 days ago, however still awaiting full activation so i can enter the comp.

    IGN is jarrad

  8. ign: Carlos
    MVP: Legendary Erving
    Team: Lakers
    (Other cards: legendary Shawn Kemp, pro epics Penny Hardaway, Serge Ibaka, Pau Gasol and Al Horford)

  9. IGN:Derek purple Time Duncan-mvp-favorite team-Pacers.

    For some reason,i couldnt get a confirmation email tuesday,so hope im not too late

  10. McDiddy i forgot my pw for the msg board threads. requested for a new pw to my email but never received anything

  11. My ign is matthew I’ve played over 9000 games and still no special cards, no playoffs, and one legendary. And I’m not drafting any Miami Heat players except two so far and I’ve played a lot of games during this event and idk why.

  12. Jason Bishop

    I collected 2 Rare Mario chalmers, 1 rare tony Douglas, 9 uncommon Shane battiers, and 2 uncommon udon is haslems

  13. ign: matthew
    MVP:Pau Gasol
    Favorite team:Lakers
    I collected 2 uncommon Shane Battier and 1 uncommon Udonis Haslem :(

  14. ign …. Dj23
    I collected 8 uncommon udonis haslems 2 uncommon shane battier rare chris birdman Andersen and rare Michael Beasley

  15. Rare: Tony Douglas, Chris Anderson
    Uncommon: 3 Shane Battier (PRO level 0), Udonis Haslem (PRO level 0), Udonis Haslem

    Every card is level 0

    IGN: Pranav

  16. @McDiddy i been trying to register for this event for a while now and unable too
    MVP:Rudy Larusso

  17. Ign: WipeMeAce

    5 uncommons:
    -2 Shane Battier
    -3 Udonis Hasslem

    3 rares:
    -Mario Chalmers
    -Toney Douglas
    -Michael Beasley

  18. IGN: WipeMeAce
    MVP: Peja Stojakovic (Pro)

    5 Uncommons:
    -2 Shane Battier
    -3 Udonis Hasslem

    3 Rares:
    -Mario Chalmers
    -Toney Douglas
    -Michael Beasley

    So when will we know who has one what? How long do we have to keep these cards in out ign tell we can get rid of them? And hopefully this comment posts, ive tried twice now andit wouldnt go through..

  19. IGN: Pavan
    I got…
    5 Uncommon Shane Battier, 2 Uncommon Udonis Hasleem, 1 Gary Payton Rare and 1 Rare Chris Andersen

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