Rivals Clash: What Could Have Been

What would have happened if the Oklahoma City Thunder had beaten the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals? Would the Miami Heat have defeated the Thunder and claimed the three-peat? Would Westbrook and Durant co-exist and earn their first NBA title? The next Rivals event will solve these mysteries as the Heat take on the Thunder in an intense battle. Choose your side and fight hard because BIG rewards are on the line. Check out the rewards below and let us know what team you’re going for!



5 years ago

3 comments on “Rivals Clash: What Could Have Been

  1. me too, i need a pg, but i dont jason williams stats will be all too good. maybe ibakas will be better?

  2. just picked legendary new lebron james and i have the old.. so can’t make him pro… c’monnnnnn

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