New Event: Building a Champion

This summer has brought us a free-agent frenzy, with big stars inking deals with new teams or deciding to stay put. One big star is still available and it’s up to you to lure him onto your team! Steve Nash is looking to join a stacked squad… will it be yours?

Collect the best starting lineup (PG, SG, SF, PF, C) as you can to try and get Nash to join your team.

-The event begins Tuesday, July 22nd at 12am PST (or midnight on Monday) and ends Sunday, July 27th at 6pm PST, following the same timeline as the Rivals events, only this will be on the Rivals off-week.
-You must register for the event, you can do so by posting your ign (In Game Name) in our forum thread for this event, you can get there by clicking HERE. Registration can be done any time before the event ends on Sunday but you have to register!
-The cards must be drafted, not bought from team packs or won as a season reward. How the cards are obtained can and will be verified by Cat Daddy. Someone tried to cheat last time and was banned. Cheating will be found out and will disqualify you from any future events so don’t even try it.
-Only cards collected within the event timeframe will be counted, drop times will be verified by Cat Daddy.
-You may train the cards that you accumulate for the event but you can NOT combine them.
-Only Epic, Legendary and Playoff cards count for this event.
-The best decks will be determined by the top overall ratings from your “starting lineup”. You can get the unofficial ratings of each player card by clicking HERE
-All cards will be evaluated based on their max single card ratings, regardless of whether you train them or not.
-Once the event is over you will post a screenshot of your best 5 cards drafted (one from each position) and we will calculate their overall ratings.
-Posting illegitimate screenshots or lying about results is considered dishonest and will automatically disqualify you from the event with the possibility of a permanent ban. Just don’t cheat, it’s not worth it.


Good luck on this event, may luck be ever in your favor!!

5 years ago
Written by McDiddy
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180 comments on “New Event: Building a Champion

  1. can u use a card from rivals clash for the event cause I have a clyde Drexler he is my best shooting guard until I get MJ from rivals clash please someone respond I don’t want my team to be banned.

  2. ign: Deege28
    Thanks and great job. Love playing this game when deployed. One question though. I have played 10,000 games and NEVER pulled anything higher than a Epic. Whats up w/ that?? Thanks

    • Thank you for your service!

      I’ve played over 35,000 games and only pulled one legendary but I know some folks that have player less than 10,000 games and have pulled multiple legendaries or a playoff card. It’s really just a luck thing. Hopefully your luck turns around for the event and you can earn a Nashty card!


    ign: Billy, favorite team pelicans, and mvp epic k love.
    Just to clarify, the cards have to be drafted in the five day period?

      • What time are we supposed to post screenshots by? Because I have a flight tomorrow at 6:30 pm eastern time, so I can’t post anything from 4:30 pm to about 10:00 pm. Also, is an incomplete deck ineligible? Because I have a PG,SF, and C, but have drafted about 4 extra SF and C

  4. WTF!?! WHO DRAFTS legendary and playoff cards???? I’ve played over 6000 games and only have 2 legendarys and I WON those in season. GTFOH!!!

    • Most the cards drafted will be epics but people do draft legendaries, ever playoff cards. Very rare but possible

      • Most of the cards drafted will be COMMON. The bottom of the bottom of the rankings… One of my last training sessions I had FOUR PRO GREG STEIMSMAs. FOUR!! …PRO… And it’s [apparently] mandatory to have at least one pro Jason Collins too

  5. IGN: DOPE
    MVP:Rondo(not duped)
    Fav team: Boston

    Doubt: I use my regular Five and when i draft the card i dont have to used only when i post the pic. (sorry if you dont understand im not to good in english)

    • Use whatever starting five you would normally use, just post a screenshot of your new starting five at the end. You don’t even have to use them for quick games if you don’t want to

  6. I just made an account but I’m wondering if we left our ign in these comments, and not the forum, are we still registered for the event?

    • The forums is recommended as that is where you will post screenshots at the end, but posting your IGN in these comments will still register you for the event.

    • Cat Daddy hasn’t disclosed when the next update for the game will be. Usually they give about 2 weeks notice before another update rolls in.

  7. Hi McDiddy,

    I have a hard imagining getting 5 cards (minimum Epic) from the Quick Game feature (within such a short period of time), let alone one card for every position.

    What happens if someone has an incomplete deck? Does someone with 5 weaker eligible cards beat another participant with 4 better eligible cards?


    • Players that complete their starting lineups will win out, yes. Hopefully your luck turns this week and you can pull more epics than usual!

  8. Hi, if I combine a card I drafted for this event, will it “cancels” the card to the event or not ?
    Because I drafted Blake Griffin and I need to combine it for my season ?

  9. I can’t register with the forum it won’t send me an email.

    IGN: Josh
    MVP: Pro Leg Ibaka

    team so far
    SG:JR Smith
    SF:Rudy Gay (Sac)
    C:Willis Reed

  10. If anyone can please answer this question I would really appreciate it. I have over 14000 wins now and almost 18000 games all together and I have never once got a drafted legendary I playoff card once and I have dropped 120$ on this game an never got anything good like not even a decent legend. I got d rose and that’s it then I got rick smitts, Tom heinson, Moses Malone, and Walt Bellamy which are all players before the big update so they suck and I deleted all the bad ones cause they make me sick to look at and I’ve proven my dedication and even earned 2 legends and a special KD along with epic in the rival clashes. I think I’ve been very patient and I’m starting to get frustrated and stop playing cause I get no motivation to continue. I don’t think it’s fair that there are kids under 5000 games dropping legends and playoffs and I have 14000 and haven’t a got one yet. Please someone give me someone give me some feedback and help me out. My ign is Stripes and I have a special KD as my MVP if anyone important checks to show I’m not lying. I just think I’ve dedicated enough time to deserve something in return. Thankyou everyone!

    • Yaaaa bro, you haven’t even scratched the surface. I’ve played about 27k games.. and have only drafted 2 legends one being a support. Its all about luck or just grinding during the events

  11. McDiddy,

    Where are we supposed to post the pictures. Can’t post from here.

    Ign: MadMike

    Epics obtained during event:
    Jeff Green SF
    Isiah Thomas PG
    Kevin Love PF
    John Havlicek SF
    Wilson Chandler SF
    Kemba Walker PG

  12. Cards Pulled for event off the draft board

    PG: Rajon Rondo: EPIC
    C: Alonzo Mourning: EPIC
    SF: Rudy Gay: EPIC Kings
    SG: Kevin Martin: EPIC
    PF: Kevin Mchale: EPIC

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