New Event: Foul Play

For teams to succeed in the NBA they have to have hard-nosed players that are willing to exert maximum physical and emotional effort towards winning each game. One of those players was the Reign Man, Shawn Kemp. Kemp is willing to join a team of like-minded players that play hard and aren’t afraid to make a statement. Do you have those players?

Collect 5 players with the highest single-season technical foul totals. The totals from each of the 5 players will be combined into one number that will represent your team’s total score.

-The event begins Tuesday, August 5th at 12am PST (or midnight on Monday) and ends Sunday, August 10th at 6pm PST, following the same timeline as the Rivals events, only this will be on the Rivals off-week.
-You must register for the event, you can do so by posting your ign (In Game Name) in the forum thread found here: registration can be done any time before the event ends on Sunday but you have to register!
-The cards must be drafted, not bought from packs or won as a season reward. How the cards are obtained can and will be verified by Cat Daddy. Each event at least one cheater has been banned, don’t be that person!
-Only cards collected within the event time frame will be counted, drop times will be verified by Cat Daddy.
-You may train the cards that you accumulate for the event but you can NOT combine them.
-Only Epic, Legendary and Playoff cards count for this event.
-Player positions are not a factor in this event, any card counts as long as it’s drafted and an Epic or higher.
-Once the event is over you will post a screenshot of your best 5 cards drafted and we will calculate their top technical foul totals.
-Posting illegitimate screenshots or lying about results is considered dishonest and will automatically disqualify you from the event with the possibility of a permanent ban. Just don’t cheat, it’s not worth it.

To help you calculate your score we’ve made an easy guide showing how to get the required statistic for each player. You can view that guide here:


Good luck in your quest, and as always a BIG thank you to Cat Daddy for supplying the rewards for this event!

As if you needed any more motivation, here’s a top-10 highlight video showing just how much of a beast Shawn Kemp was…

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229 comments on “New Event: Foul Play

      • Do epics that you won in rivals clash count or no? Also can you tell me if I’m in it I’m not sure? I posted. Not sure on the right page


        • You’re in. Rewards don’t count, only drafted cards, and they have to be drafted during the event.

      • hola amigo las cartas hay q ganarcelas jugando o que por que yo las tengo en mi colección y solo faltaría es tomarle la foto y ya estaban combinadas solo cuenta es las faltas técnicas que tuvieron en su temporada

      • lo que llego a entender es que tengo que jugar la semana y las cartas que gane en el transcurso de ella son las que hay que poner en el equipo y poder participar no puedes colocar las cartas que ya tienes en la colección quisiera que me sacaras de esa duda por que si fuese asi en la coleccion tengo a iverson wesbrok pippen rodman y howard y mi ign es josepa equipo fav indiana y mvp paul george

      • I like the point system you did with the previous event, letting rares count. Since I only got 2 epics this whole time, and do not even get to make a hand, I am auto outed. No offense, but I do not see me donating to you all again, nor CAT DADDY specifically. If I cant even pull 5 epics and been playing since Tuesday, WHAT IT THE POINT? I know my own answer, start buying real things that can’t be took away from you. It seems the company that I have donated so much too don’t care, so….

        • Donations are always greatly appreciated, but you can’t buy good drop rates. There are only ten winners in these events and over 30 people have already drafted 5+ epics so regardless of whether you have 5 or not you would still have to have at least 5 to make the top ten. I’ve spent more than my share on this game and this website, you just can’t take it personally when things don’t go your way, it’s an investment towards continuing a great app.

  1. Ign is Chris MVP Chris Paul rookie. And fav team clippers.
    Questions: one how will I know when I have been registered.
    And two where do I post the screenshot?

  2. It’s a fake? Sorry i’m french player and ‘y english are very BAD but i Want play but I’m not understand the rules….

    • If you win you will be contacted with a special code to send to Cat Daddy to confirm your account and they will send you the card.

    • This is a fansite event so it’s different than a rivals clash, Cat Daddy still supplies the rewards though

  3. So if you get rare but not epics or legends or playoffs because i cant draft legends or playoffs for some reason and i really need a power foward and the seattle supersonics in 1996 with gary payton and hearshy hawkins and shawn kemp and delef schrempf and in nba on xbox thats the team i use to vs my friends

    • I’ve played nearly 30,000 games and I’ve only drafted one legendary and no playoff cards. It’s possible just very, very hard. Fortunately this event also includes epics, but not rares.

  4. IGN: King Toro
    Favorite Team: Lakers
    MVP: Uncommon Pro Terrence Ross or Rare Allen Iverson
    Win/Loss: 1379 W’s and 776 L’s

    • Anyone is eligible to play. And just as a reminder only the cards drafted during the event count.

  5. IGN: TylerDixon
    Favorite team: Philadelphia 76ers
    MVP: Rare Special Blake Griffin
    Question. Is there a separate gameplay category where we will play the games that count towards this event or is it in the general gameplay category?

    • General gameplay, you will have to track the cards yourself to make sure they are drafted at the correct time (during the event). It will all be verified in the end though

  6. Question: So does this mean that epic/legend/playoffs drop rates will be higher during this event?

    • My ign is Nick and my MVP is Shawn Kemp Legendary and My Favorite team is Miami Heat when I tried to register it wouldn’t send and activation to my email and I tried resending it over and over and over again

      • Sometimes the registration emails go to your spam mail so they go unnoticed. Either way you’re registered for the event now. Good luck!

    • Correct. It won’t be easy but it’s definitely doable. Last event 18 different people drafted at least one epic or higher for every position. This is 5 epics regardless of position so I’m guessing at least 30 people will achieve that.

  7. Ign:Spencer
    Favorite Team:Pacers
    MVP:Pro Victor Oladipo

    Question: Are you only allowed to use cards drafted during the event?(I can’t use cards I already have)

    Question #2:I read how in the provided instructions, but I can’t seem to find the technical foul total for each seperate season. Is it because I used the mobile website and you used the normal website?

    Thank you for any responses!

    • 1. Yes only cards drafted during the event count.
      2. It’s possible that the mobile isn’t allowing you to see the technical fouls, the instructions were provided assuming the information was being looked up on a computer of some sort.

  8. I have drafted 2 legendary players so far. I have 12700 wins and 2800 losses. Does anybody have a strategy to drafting epic and legendary players?

  9. Please help me! I never got my confirmation code and I need to know if I’m registered! Please help me. My IGN is: sickmaple4

    Favorite team is the LA Clippers

    MVP is epic Darren collison

  10. IGN Chris
    Team golden state warriors
    MVP special Carmelo Anthony
    Here’s a question can we used our best players or no? Like specials in the starting lineup

    • You mean to play the quick games or for the points? You can use any players that you drafted during the event for the technical foul totals as long as they are epics or higher. For playing the quick games you can use whatever cards you want

  11. I am trying to register for the new event: Foul Play. I tried registering on the last event but I never received an activation email. I get a message that says The specified username is currently inactive. If you have problems activating your account, please contact a board administrator.

    I tried to resend the activation email. I never received any email at anytime. I checked the spam folder.

  12. KevinDurantOKC

    Ign: Amrinist

    Fav Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

    MVP: Playoffs Kevin Durant

    Question: I am Registered now right? Thank you

  13. I had an Isaiah Thomas epic and then I drafted another one earlier today and combined them. Can I still use it for the foul play event to show what I drafted as long as I say that I drafted one of them during the event?

  14. So you have to draft an epic or higher that has the most amount of techs between the time of the start of the event to the end and can’t be combined?

    • Epic or higher that is drafted during the event timeline, yes. They cannot be combined. Each card is worth as many points as the total technicals that player accumulated in the one season that they had the most.

  15. IGN: Johnbomb475
    MVP: Legendary Kobe
    Fav Team: Raptors

    1 question, will a card count if it is trained?

    • Just these ones for this event. We’ll be having more events in the future though so there will be even more chances to cash in!

  16. IGN: Damien
    Favorite team: Warriors
    MVP: Pro Epic Stephen Curry

    Do I need the cards I’m using in my lineup so when you check it or however you do it you will know which cards I am entering? Because I have gotten 6 epics.

  17. I drafted a Doug Collins epic, but I don’t know if his technical fouls were ever recorded because it here is no career stats info using the espn link… Will u guys be able to track down his stats or should I try to use another player?

    • It appears as if they weren’t recording technical fouls in Collins’ day, so unfortunately he counts as a 0.

        • The exact date hasn’t been released yet but it’s rumored to be either September 8th or October 8th.

      • Thanks for the reply!

        2 more questions:

        1.) Am I registered properly? IGN: TaCochief

        2.) How long after tonight (6pm August 10th) will I be allowed to pro my epic cards that I am using for the event? I ask because I am towards the end of my season and I wanted to pro a card before the playoffs…


  18. I have a question. I got Evan Turner, that the 2013-2014 season has been on 2 teams. One has 6 fouls and another 3 fouls. Are the faults of that season are added or just tell the team that has more? Sorry for my English thanks.

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