New Update for MyNBA2K15!

This morning Cat Daddy released a new update with several new card packs and other awesome features, including re-opening the Auction House. Below is Senior Producer Danan Davis’ summary of the new update:

Update 6 Release Notes

We are happy to announce that Update 6 is now live.Here’s what it contains:

  • The Auction House is now live, allowing players to buy and sell cards with other players!
  • Introducing an all-new game event, Road to the Championship, an exciting new way to play and compete for great rewards!
  • The Hall of Fame pack is now available! Contains players who have been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.
  • The Proven and Potential card pack, containing championship players and young up-and-comers, is now available!
  • Ultra Rare and Epic enhancements have been added to the game. A new Enhancement Pack, each containing multiple enhancements, is now available in the store!
  • Enhancements can now be replaced! Add a new enhancement to a slot that is already occupied to replace what is currently there.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Additional Notes:
1. Auction House Changes from Beta:

  • You’re now given a message if you attempt to search without any parameters.
  • Your last search will be saved while in the Auction House.
  • Pro cards now have two different crowns. Gold Crowns indicate that the Pro was created properly with both single cards max leveled before combining them. The silver/white crown is an improperly Pro’ed card.
  • Pro cards now have a special border in the search list so you can ID them easier when next to single cards in a search.
  • There are now different minimums on Bids and on Buy It Now prices when you set a card for sale.
  • Minimums for bids for most rarities were lowered.
  • When bidding on a card the minimum amount a person can raise the bid is now dependent on the card rarity and whether it is Pro or not. This means auctions will go up meaningfully when someone outbids someone else on a card.
  • Single cards and Pros of the same rarity have different minimums.
  • You can now search for themed cards (Throwback Thursday, Rookie Stars, etc.).
  • The number of pages in a Search Result is now displayed and what page you’re currently on.
  • Looking at a card in a search does not reset your entire search to the beginning so you will not lose your place.
  • Search Filters work properly so you don’t have to put in a Bid amount to see results listed by lowest Bid.
  • Searching by stats has been removed.
  • You can now search by “Is Pro” to find just Pro cards.
  • Rookie Stars are now auctionable.
  • You can now search by a player name more easily.
  • Players with cards that are not auctionable will no longer appear in the player name list.
  • Enhancement searches now only include valid rarities.
  • Fully leveled cards appear with a properly filled bar in the search results
  1. Season rewards have changed. The number of cards won has been reduced, but you can now win Credits by placing at least in the Semi-Finals of a Season. Credit rewards increase the higher tier you play in. A Finals winner in the Star tier can win 400 Credits!

    3. Ultra Rare Enhancements now drop from the Daily VC Bonus.

    4. Road to the Championship
    This new game event will appear every 2 weeks opposite the Rivals Clash weeks.The event will run from Friday to Sunday 6pm PST.During the event you will take 25 of your best player cards and 2 supports and battle “boss” card decks themed from a particular year in the NBA in order to gain points.When you gain enough points you will acquire the boss card you were battling, and advance to the next rarity of boss.The ultimate reward will be a Hall of Fame or Proven and Potential Star card.Can you make it to the Finals and win the Championship?

  • Game Nights are required to play a game in RttC. You start with 5 free Game Nights, and they regenerate once every 15 minutes. You can purchase additional Game Nights with Credits if you don’t want to wait.
  • You choose from 3 different decks to play against for each boss that is Easy (+2), Medium (+5), or Hard (+7). Like in Quick Games, the strength of the deck is indicated by the ring next to the possible points. If you win you earn the points. If you lose you win +1 point.
  • Hot Streaks can be played to double the possible points you earn when you win a game. Hot Streaks drop from the draft board or you can purchase them. Leftover Hot Streaks do not carry over from one event to the next.

NOTE: Not all of these features may be available immediately when the update is released. The different platform stores take varying amounts of time to propagate a new release around the world, so it may be necessary to lock some game features until everyone’s builds can be in-sync.The first Road to the Championship will begin gameplay on Friday, and will not be visible in game until Thursday for the Pre-Game.

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  1. i will not see your reply but you seriously need to fix the leveling up in this game u can only put in common, uncommon, rare, etc. individually not together it’s extremely annoying

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