5 Best Additions to the 2K16 app

While the NBA2K16 app isn’t perfect, there’s been some great, ground-breaking changes that have made it a solid app. I’d like to highlight some of those changes, so here goes…


1. RP / Goals

In 2K15 Cat Daddy was reluctant to give away “free” credits because for them credits = $$$. The creation of RP (Rewards Points) is brilliant because it gives Cat Daddy a resource that they can give away, all the while protecting the sanctity of credits. The freedom of RP distribution allows there to be goals, giving players the opportunity to work towards something every day and allowing free players to accumulate enough currency to actually make legitimate auction house purchases. I love the RP system so much that it makes it hard for me to play NHL Supercard quick games, for me regular quick games without goals have always been somewhat boring. Cat Daddy has even increased the variety of goals which makes things even more interesting; I look forward to taking on new goals and applaud Cat Daddy for creating them!

Fun goals and free RP, what's not to like?? Photo courtesy: Augustine Stanislaus

Fun goals and free RP, what’s not to like??
Photo courtesy: Augustine Stanislaus


2. Teams

I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for team sports. They were always my favorite growing up so it’s no wonder I ended up playing a team sport in college (baseball). As awesome as the myNBA apps have been over the years there always seemed to be something missing in the absence of a team aspect. When a friend pulled a great card or did well in events you would be happy for them, but there was also that tinge of jealousy or competitiveness, similar to a buddy making a great approach shot in golf; you’re happy for them but you wish there was something in it for you. Most of us have this engrained in our inner psyche, when it comes down to it we’re usually most interested in #1, ourselves.

With the addition of teams in 2K16 one person’s success can help others, especially with ‘team goals’ that can earn ‘team perks.’ To be honest, the addition of teams is what really got me back into the mobile app. I’m a sucker for the team effort so I love the addition of teams. The team rewards in the events are also incredible, so go out there, build a strong team and reap the rewards! Shout out to the myNBAmobile Dream Team for absolutely clobbering all competition and taking first place in the lastest Rivals Clash, you guys are rockstars!

Unbeatable. Photo courtesy: Aristocrat

Photo courtesy: Aristocrat


3. Perks

Everyone loves that feeling of having a free-for-all where you play as fast as you can while reaping unusually good rewards. When you earn perks, most (but not all) of them reward you with a bonus for a certain amount of time, like the ‘And One’ team perk that gives you an extra card off the draft board after each quick game win for a period of 24 hours. That’s 24 hours to be more excited about the app, knowing you’ll get 3 quick games worth of rewards after winning just 2 games. You can also get perks in some purchasable packs, and all perks you earn also benefit your teammates! Once a teammate claimed a ‘Pump It Up’ perk while I was asleep and it recharged my whole season lineup. I have to say I was pleased to wake up and find my season lineup was recently charged rather than mostly depleted. I look forward to seeing what other perks Cat Daddy comes up with and earning as many of them as possible!

Everyone likes a team player. Photo courtesy: Dennis Randolph II‎

Everyone likes a team player.
Photo courtesy: Dennis Randolph II‎


4. Wild Cards

Pro’ing cards in 2K15 was hard; You really only had two options: pull a dupe off the draft board or buy a dupe off the Auction House. If it was an RC card then forget it, you were never going to get the chance to pro that card. Now if you earn an RC card by placing top 1,000, if you have 2 Wild Cards and a Veteran Contract then voila! You have an RC pro card! The fact that Wild Cards can be applied to any card, regardless of tier, makes them the holy grail card in 2K16. Millions of RP is likely spent every day on ‘Extras’ packs from people trying to pull this stunning card, leaving most people disappointed and the lucky few ecstatic when the golden basketball appears, bursts open and presents you with a shiny new Wild Card! Good luck to everyone trying to pull Wild Cards, may the odds be ever in your favor!

Best. Luck. Ever. Photo courtesy: Unremarkable33

Best. Luck. Ever.
Photo courtesy: Unremarkable33


5. Less bots

This has to be the most controversial topic related to 2K16. 2K15 was riddled with botters, making it nearly impossible for true players to remain relevant in events. Wanting to clean things up, Cat Daddy has cracked down on the cheaters by monitoring their system data more closely, auditing any suspicious account activity, as well as adding a new verification system that involves selecting corresponding icons rather than punching in a confirmation code. I have to say that Cat Daddy’s efforts have been a smashing success in the area of competitiveness, Rivals events no longer have absurd and humanly impossible scores, and you’re seeing less and less people amass 60k quick games in just a week or two.


On the other hand the new verification system and Cat Daddy’s ban hammer judgment has come into question. Photos have arisen of verification requirements that are impossible to fulfill, setting up users to be banned no matter what, while others complain that it’s easy to accidently try and tap through the verification while mindlessly grinding as fast as possible. It’s a debate that can’t be completely resolved as it’s the players’ word and data vs. Cat Daddy’s data and judgment, you could say it’s a lose-lose because someone will always be wrong and there’s essentially no way to completely prove who that is. All that said, I’m glad Cat Daddy is doing something, the botting was out of hand and the game is now more playable without it. It’s my hope that any legitimate players that were mistakenly banned would have their accounts restored and soon, we shall see.

Looks like a can't-win situation. Photo courtesy: Dennis Randolph II‎

Looks like a can’t-win situation.
Photo courtesy: Dennis Randolph II‎



The NBA2K16 app is Cat Daddy’s best app yet and the features above are some of the main reasons why it’s so good. Be sure to check out some of the honorable mentions below. If you have any feedback or thoughts on the subject, get into the discussion HERE!


Honorable Mentions

-Quick Sell Option

-Better stat distribution

-Foil Cards

-No Auction House listing fee

-Skybox Club


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  1. Damn this was a really good article cause I thought it was gonna be biased but was pretty legit. The honorable mentions were great except for Skybox, that thing is over the top crazy if you ask me.but overall this was great and direct.

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