10 Hidden Benefits of Playing MyNBA2K16


If you’re like me, when you enjoy something and it takes exorbitant amounts of your time then you end up finding ways to justify its legitimacy. I used to petition my parents with articles highlighting studies that said video games could be good for reaction time and eye/hand coordination. Later on it was studies pointing out student-athlete statistics that indicate being a student-athlete is likely to give you a leg-up in the business world; I just wanted to use the data to convince my parents that I should be allowed to go outside and play whenever I wanted; it was just as important as studying, right???

Having spent so much time playing MyNBA2K16, I’d like to think there’s some legitimate perks to tapping away on my phone playing this little app. If nothing else, it would be nice to have some sort of defense when playing it is questioned by parents, spouses, fiancés, girlfriends, friends, colleagues or anyone that randomly decides to judge you because they think you’re too interested in your phone. For that reason I’ve complied a list of the 10 hidden benefits of playing MyNBA2K16. Enjoy.


1. Teamwork

I’ve already written about how much I love the addition of teams in MyNBA2K16 (shout out to my squad, ‘Forum Super Team,’ look out for us next RC, we’re going for top 10!). Having 14 other people relying on you in events gives you some semblance of responsibility. If you’re on a really good team then you and your teammates will help each other pro cards by giving discounts or send each other RP when you are in desperate need of hot streaks. Being a part of a team always has its ups and downs, filled with both triumph and drama; all things that are frequently experienced in relationships and the business world.


Shoutout to Forum Super Team, we’re on the rise!!


2. Understanding of Market Value

Not every MyNBA player takes advantage of this, but many do. If you have a card that you want to auction away then it’s in your best interest to do some research in the Auction House to see how much you can get for the card. Sure, it’s more likely to sell if you list it for a low price, but who wants to rip themselves off of some extra RP? List the card too high and you waste time having a card sitting in the Auction House that isn’t going to be purchased. On top of all the basics there’s much to be learned from the MyNBA card economy in general. MyNBA players closely monitor card value and get to see the effects of supply and demand (pulled a card that’s going to be an RC reward? LOTS of demand for that card!). especially when a new tier comes out, every card instantly changes in value. Studying market value in the app can absolutely help people understand real-world economics.

This card has extra value because it was featured in an RC

This card has extra value because it was featured in an RC

3. Math

I used to always hate math, it was my least favorite subject. I had a hard time learning math in class because it was so boring, meanwhile I was actually learning math outside of school without even realizing it. I would study my baseball cards religiously, pouring over statistics for my favorite players (Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson were my two all-time favorites, hall-of-famers in back-to-back classes!). Once I realized math was okay and helped me understand things I was interested in, then (and only then) I paid more attention in class. I believe MyNBA can help do the same for a new generation of kids that couldn’t care less about math class, yet they meticulously construct spreadsheets detailing how many game nights it takes to beat the RTTC, complete with the exact amount of Hot Streaks needed and numerous other statistical factors, like whether you’re playing +4s, 10s or 14s. Ever calculated how much RP you’ll actually receive from selling a card in the Auction House? Math. It may seem trivial but I think this app can help pique people’s interest in math.

How much would I get after 30% taxes on this card if it sold for minimum bid? Whoever correctly PMs me (McDiddy) the answer first can list any one card for 2k RP and I'll buy it.

How much would I get after 30% taxes on this card if it sold for minimum bid? Whoever correctly PMs me (McDiddy) the answer first can list any one card for 2k RP and I’ll buy it.

4. Time Management

Even the most intense MyNBA grinders have to get some sleep, they all eat and most of them shower. It takes time-management to figure out when you will be available and how that will affect you in events. Many MyNBA players start their seasons at specific times in the day (using MATH!) so they enter the playoffs in the morning (when they wake up) so they don’t have to keep waking up in the middle of the night to charge their lineups for the playoffs. Sometimes friends share accounts or help each other events, which requires coordinating times when one can get on while the other is away. The more people learn how to manage their time and work with the time they have the better, so manage away!

I know many of you have been there.

I know many of you have been there.

5. Opportunity for a Diverse Social Experience

People of all ages and from all over the world play MyNBA. Through this app I’ve met some awesome people from Sweden, Germany, Spain, Texas and many other places. The chat feature (team, season or global) gives you the chance to connect with people from all over the world. If you want to benefit even more from MyNBA socially then you have plenty of options: our forum, facebook, twitter, reddit, and twitch all give you the chance to connect with other MyNBA gamers! Strike up a conversation with someone from a part of the world that you’ve never been to, I guarantee you’ll end up learning some things that you never knew before.

6,456 posts, are you kidding me?!?!

6,456 posts, are you kidding me?!?!

6. General Problem-Solving Skills

I know the title sounds vague, or like it’s a bit of a stretch, but hear me out. While playing MyNBA there’s a plethora of micro-decisions that need to be made, those decisions vary in significance. For instance, your quick game lineup; choose a poor lineup configuration and you can waste hours of time in Rivals Clash events. Do you want to put some bad cards in there as “flares” to win more quick games but risk dropping down a tier and losing your reset card? It’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons. There’s so many decisions that need to be made in the app, I can’t even list them all, here’s a few though: Do you want to stack your season lineup and hope you overpower your opponents? Will you start a new season right away to maximize your time, shortening the delay before your receive your next season reward, or do you want to wait until an odd time when you think less good players will be starting seasons? Are you going to quick sell your commons and uncommons or use them to groom better cards for the Auction House? Of course you can do all these things without putting any thought into it, but most of the top players in the app have spent some time figuring out the best strategies. Not a bad amount of mind stimulation from a “mindless” app, huh?

Will this QG lineup win +5s in the next RC?

Will this QG lineup win +5s in the next RC?

7. Exercising Self-Control

Anyone with a bank account that’s plays MyNBA has been tempted to spend money on the app. I don’t have access to the official data but I’d bet the majority of (active) MyNBA players have spent at least some money on the app, if not this year than last year or the year before. In this situation you have to exercise self-control. Buying packs in MyNBA is highly addictive and you can learn a lot about yourself by how you handle those kinds of situations. Will you let your momentary emotions run rampant and go on a spending spree, or can you foresee the inevitable buyers remorse and hold off? While the spending issue is a negative aspect, you can turn it into a positive if it helps you learn/retain self-control.

Mmm, to buy or not to buy?

Mmm, to buy or not to buy?

8. Budgeting

You could say budgeting goes hand-in-hand with self-control. Each player has their own set of resources, be it real money, credits (bought with real money) or Rewards Points (RP), all of which have to be managed and have their limits; working within those limits is budgeting. The better you are at budgeting and managing resources the more successful you’ll be in MyNBA. When done right, you can really work the system and build up great decks without even spending much, if any, money. It’s my observation that in the “real world” few people are truly gifted at budgeting, so it’s something we could all benefit from practicing.

Somebody has a lot of RP to spend!

Somebody has a lot of RP to spend!

9. Promotion of Goals

It’s a well-known fact that successful people set goals. Goals keep you on track and give you something to strive for. MyNBA offers set goals for RP, like winning 50 quick games with all your starters out of position, but the app also provides the opportunity to set personal goals, like wanting to at least get to the semi-finals in the playoffs in order to earn a Star card, or saving up enough RP to purchase a card that you can pro and will get you into the next tier. Then there’s all kinds of team goals, like earning enough points in the RTTC or placing high enough in the RC to earn the ‘Good Agent’ perk. If you play MyNBA you most likely have half a dozen personal goals without even realizing it.


‘Insane Win Streak’ is a grind. Almost there!


10. It’s Therapeutic

This may be the most disputed fact, especially when it’s 2 a.m. on a Saturday night and you’re staying up late grinding an RC, wondering why you’ve spent the last 3 days incessantly tapping your phone trying to earn virtual cards that will lose their value in a few months. That’s just a low point. The reason we keep playing is because of the overall satisfaction we get from playing this app. Video games can help those with depression and anxiety, or anyone that feels the need to relax and do something that gives them some satisfaction. Is engrossing yourself in your cell phone and delving into a virtual app ideal? Maybe not, but (like most things) it’s harmless in moderation. Couple that with all the benefits I’ve listed in this article and I’d say you could make a good case that MyNBA2K16 is worth your time!

Such a good feeling!

Such a good feeling!

In conclusion, I’m not arguing that playing MyNBA will make you a neurosurgeon, I’d simply like to submit the idea that it’s not always a mindless game, and playing it actually does include some benefits that go beyond the brief satisfaction of pulling a good card. Now go out there and make your decks better!

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  1. Really nice article! Love it! I just had a personal question and no one seems to answered it yet. So I Pro’d my Playoff James Harden and he has his offense “silvered” but I see other people have more than one stat silver. Is it just lucky drops from rc and rttc? Or is it combining cards to get them all silver? It would be amazing if you could help with maybe an article I couldn’t find or some answers for me!

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