BTC: One Week Review + Additional Info

It’s been exactly a week since we announced MyNBA2K16’s newest game mode, the Blacktop Challenge (BTC). Now that we’ve all had a week to check the mode out I want to address some questions you guys have been asking about it and give my personal opinions on it.


Info generously supplied by Danan Davis of Cat Daddy Games.



BTC doesn’t apply to these goals. Photo Credit: PrimNasty


If I had to grade the BTC so far I would give it a 9 out of 10. I don’t give out good grades lightly, so I’ll explain why I like it so much.

First off, the BTC runs on your own time. Last weekend I was able to participate in five 2+ hour social activities without a care in the world. When I was heavily into RTTC and the RC I would be stressed (some times more than others) about doing all those activities for 10+ hours because I’d be dropping in the RC rankings or losing RTTC Game Nights. Now I can go do whatever I want and when I’m home later and lounging around I can play the BTC. It doesn’t demand your attention or time when you don’t want it to; I love that.

Another thing I like about the BTC is how rare BTC Stars are. While I’d love to have a few BTC Stars in my lineup I really appreciate the fact that there aren’t giant truck lineups running around full of BTC Stars (at least not yet, but it will take a while). The downside of the low drop rates and high BRP requirements is that some of us may never snag a Blacktop Star card. Honestly though, I think the actual Blacktop cards are a bonus. The real reward is earning hordes of draft picks and pulling great cards off the board. Ever since BTC went live I’ve been earning way more draft picks than usual and as a result I’m drafting way more Star cards than ever before. It’s great being able to draft all those cards at once; it’s like pick-stacking only it’s not cheating and it’s way less tedious.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.42.58 PM

From a Basic recipe?!?! Bruh, buy a lottery ticket.

My least favorite aspect of the BTC is QG speeds. It’s become evident that those with newer phones and faster processors can greatly outperform others. On my Samsung Galaxy S5 I can 6 ½ QGs per round in the BTC, sometimes 7. Conversely, there are others that routinely get 7 games in and often times even 8! It’s been claimed that the most one can legitimately achieve is 9 wins in one round. If someone can get 9 win (or even 8) that’s a massive advantage over those like me that can only do 6-7. I even asked Danan about the speed issue and he confirmed that there’s nothing that CD can do about it, it’s all dependant on people’s devices and connections. Even still, if you’re smart and you play your cards right then you still have the chance to pull off the upset and come away with the victory, and if you come up just short the rewards are still pretty good!


PrimNasty beastin’ 8 wins per round.


Lowly McDiddy finally manages 7.

Time will tell whether or not the BTC starts to get tedious/boring, I know some of the pickier players have complained about that already. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy the competition, great pulls, easier goals and improved AH market. Hope to see you guys in the BTC and remember to always let me win!


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One comment on “BTC: One Week Review + Additional Info

  1. blacktop mode is a huge let down i’m a big pay player and very disappointed after spending lots of time and wasting resources all to get an epic card ive tried all three recipes and have been disappointed with nothing but an epic card each time. losing two legend cards just to get an epic card is absurd a lot of us players are very disappointed and frustrated with this ultimate should give a star or legend minimum not a useless epic card plus so sick of playing and having stupid network error and getting knocked out of a round makes one say forget it happens all the time rttc is by far the best event offered today blacktop could be better if rewards were attainable

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