Latest MyNBA Update Makes Life Easier

It’s been over two weeks since Cat Daddy released the Playoff tier update (no thanks to Apple) and with that update came some awesome new features that I’d like to highlight in my article today.

The obvious addition in this update was the actual playoff cards. I have to admit CD did a mostly good job with their choices in players (each playoff-eligible team was awarded 4 active-player PO-tier cards). The only ones I would change would be swapping DeMarre Carroll (or even Terrence Ross) for Luis Scola, Jeff or JaMychal Green for Lance Stephenson and Dennis Schroder instead of Kent Bazemore. When all is said and done just three relatively minor changes is not bad at all, so I think CD did a good job there.


“I pity tha fool that pulls this card!!”


What I’m most excited about with this update is a couple of the small-yet-really-helpful changes that CD threw in there. It’s these kind of changes that show me they actually care about refining the game and bettering our experience, rather than being the bare-minimum, take-our-money-at-all-cost greed-mongers that some people make them out to be. Permit me to list those changes and detail what I like about them…


Pop-up chat notifications

I love having the chat feature this year, it’s a great way to connect with people and a good basic way to communicate with your team. That said, my team went away from team chat and almost exclusively use WhatsApp now. The in-game chat was a little buggy and it was easy to forget to check it. CD must have recognized that and they’ve breathed life back into the chat feature by adding pop-up notifications that display while you’re grinding quick games/BTC. Now it’s easier to remember to check team chat and it encourages more dialog. In addition, the ‘chat’ tab lights up when you have unread messages, again encouraging you to check it out. Props to CD for making those needed changes and not letting the chat feature go into full-on MySpace mode and slowly wilt off into total obscurity.


Level-up card stacking

How annoying is it when you had to scroll through all the level up cards whenever you went to train a card? I would usually get so frustrated with it that I would go all John Wick on most of my level up cards just so they’re out of the way. Apparently CD took notice and now level up cards stack upon themselves, only taking up one slot and making life much easier for the rest of us.


Those stacked level-up cards are a thing of beauty!!



Recipe-requirement tags

While we’re on the topic of training cards, CD has included little “Recipe Requirement” tags on cards that could be used for BTC recipes. This is very helpful when training cards as it gives you a heads up that you might not want to train that card away, instead you may opt to sell it or save it for your own BTC recipes. It’s not the most ground-breaking addition but I thought it was a handy little add.



Recipe Requirement? Good to know!


Training in-place

The third training change is awesome when quick-selling cards. Before when you have a card locked or in-season you would have to advance past that card but every time you quick-sold the next card you would jump back to the beginning of the list. When you’re quick-selling 50+ cards this can be a serious pain in the butt. CD has relieved that butt pain by taking away the feature the reverts you back to the beginning of the list each time. So now you can bypass the cards you don’t want to/can’t train and eliminated the others till your heart’s content!


Now if you quick sell from this position you will stay in slot #3 rather than reverting back to the first card.


Auction House search memory

In the past, whenever you backed out of the Auction House section you would lose all of the search data that you entered in there. Now you can input all you search data, search for a card, back out of the AH completely, come back in and your info is still there. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve found that to be very handy. I do AH searches all the time and it was quite tedious having to re-enter the information every time I came back in to search for a specific card.


As I stated earlier, changes like this tell me CD is making a serious effort to refine the game and keep it relevant and exciting. I greatly appreciate those efforts and encourage them to keep it up! I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t mention the ongoing issue of the team point reporting being off, an issue that has gone unresolved for months now. Knowing the individual point totals on your team is crucial for owners who are faced with cut-or-keep decisions as they need to know that information to see who is and isn’t pulling weight. It’s also fun for players to take screenshots of the point totals to give their teammates a shoutout online and to encourage them for all the hard work and effort they’ve put into events. When CD makes all these great changes but doesn’t fix the points reporting issue it’s almost like they’re being the absent dad that gives his child a really great gift to make up for not being around, when what the kid wants most of all is to spend time with his father. The people want the points reporting fix so hopefully it comes soon! I’m honestly of the opinion that CD is working on it and that it will be fixed sooner rather than later, but that’s just an educated guess.


If there’s any new features that I failed to recognize then let me know! Also if you want to discuss anything else from the article just hit me up on Twitter or check out our Facebook page!

3 years ago
Written by McDiddy
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3 comments on “Latest MyNBA Update Makes Life Easier

  1. Great article, I wish you had mentioned a few other negatives that have come from the update as well. One of these is that if I want to quick sell rookie contracts I have to refresh the card list after each one, and after you quick sell 1 your star contracts “jump” to the rookie spot making it easier to accidentally quick sell them. Another thing is that if you want to use level up cards you have to do it 1 at a time as well. They also broke stat charges during the all important first RTTC of playoff tier. When you fully charged a player many players lost ALL of their charges after game 1, which really hurt players’ chances at finishing RTTC. Lowering the RC reward to top 100 also makes it nearly impossible for the typical player to grind for a good card. Top 250 would have been a fair split. They also did maintenance during RC which hurt the non-paying players since they rely on every possible second to keep pace with the paying HS players. It is the small things like this that make people believe that CD is out for money and doesn’t actually care about the individual consumer. People like to feel heard and important, and these things make it seem like only the top paying players matter. All of this being said, I think that the playoff update was an extremely positive step. All of the features they added are very helpful and do show that they try to care about the players.

  2. Greshski hit the nail on the head. I know you like to support CD and make them look better but McDiddy the fact is that they fucked up more then they fixed. If they added those small features without ruining others then they deserve praise but that’s not how it went down. You showed the light side of CD so will the dark side be shown in an article in the near future?

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