Community Event: #PlayoffShowdown

The 2016 NBA Playoffs are heating up as Quarterfinals are under way, now it’s your turn to get into the playoff action!

We’re super pumped about this event, check out the rewards and rules below!


This is the first time in MyNBA history that a winner can choose their reward. Obviously winning this event is crucial as the 4-5 rewards are far inferior. However this RC Westbrook card is one of the coolest looking MyNBA cards ever constructed and only 5 people will own it so good luck in your endeavors!

The event will start at the same time as the regular RC, Thursday 9 a.m. PST. It will end the following weekend at 6 p.m. PST the following Sunday (the same time RTTC concludes).

The goal is to construct a starting lineup of players that kicked butt in the playoffs, so you want to draft players with the highest career playoff points per game possible. Here’s an example of a lineup and how many points it equals out to…



PG – Jerry West (29.13 PO PPG)











SG – Michael Jordan (33.45 PO PPG)











SF – James Worthy (21.13 PO PPG)











PF – Carmelo Anthony (25.65 PO PPG)











C – Tim Duncan (20.83 PO PPG)











After adding all those PPGs together there’s a grand total of 130.19. That’s how you calculate your final number, the top 5 lineups will be eligible for rewards. Each player needs to have played at least 10 playoff games in his career to qualify.

The statistical totals will be based off of data from Here’s a link to the official list of top players for playoff PPG:



  • Cards used for the event must be drafted during the event timeframe. All the winners’ cards will be reviewed by Cat Daddy and falsely submitted cards would result in forfeit from this competition and a ban from all further competitions (most events results in a few bans, please don’t be one of those people).
  • Cards must be drafted. If they aren’t auctionable they aren’t eligible.
  • Each lineup must consist of one player for each starting position (PG, SG, SF, PF and C). You cannot use the same player twice, even if he’s dual position.
  • Cards must be Legendary tier or higher to qualify for this event.
  • The event begins Thursday, May 5th at 9 a.m. PST (the same time Rivals Clash begins) and it will end Sunday, May 15th at 6 p.m. PST (the same time RTTC concludes).
  • Players must submit a screenshot of their final lineup, put them all in your QG lineup and in the correct positions. When submitting the screenshot also list each player’s career playoff points per game and your lineup’s totals (like in the lineup example above). Screenshots need to be submitted in —> THIS <— thread in our forum. You can submit your lineup at any time once the event has started, the deadline for final submission is 9 p.m. PST on the evening the event ends (3 hours after event end).
  • Tie-breakers will be decided by totaling out each of your players’ playoff single-game career high in points (for instance, the most points Derrick Rose has scored in a playoff game is 44, so he alone would count for 44 points in the tie-breaker).


Keep an eye on my Twitter or the hashtag #PlayoffShowdown for continued info on the event and be sure to use that hashtag when posting event pulls! Good luck everyone!!

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