Live Streaming: A Next Level MyNBA Experience

It was around two years ago that I first heard about Twitch, a website that allows gamers to live stream themselves while gaming, giving others the opportunity to watch you as you play your favorite games. My initial reaction was, “Why would I want to watch someone else play a video game? Doesn’t seem very entertaining to me.” However, as I started watching people play my favorite games I found it could be very entertaining. Not only are they playing your favorite games but the really good streamers also add personality to it. You’re used to seeing and playing the game from your perspective, it’s interesting to see it from someone else’s as well.

Once I was able to wrap my head around it and accept it I was having a grand ole time tuning in to Twitch broadcasts, mainly watching and/or listening to people play NBA 2K15. While I found that entertaining I felt like something was missing because no one ever streamed the MyNBA app. Twitch didn’t even have it listed in their game database, so in hopes that it would encourage people to stream I contacted Twitch in April of 2015 requesting that they add MyNBA2K15 to their list of games. Twitch responded and before too long MyNBA was indeed added to their game database. Despite my efforts people still weren’t streaming MyNBA hardly at all, meanwhile WWE Supercard forged a solid Twitch community, with guys like FrankTech and GILLYMARC streaming on a regular basis and acquiring a solid following. I couldn’t figure out why MyNBA couldn’t gain any traction or interest. I tried to stream a few times myself but it was very laggy because my paltry Mac processor couldn’t handle the task of streaming and playing at the same time. Over time I got discouraged and put the MyNBA streaming crusade on hold. Once MyNBA2K16 came out I did some more research and eventually it paid off.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.08.44 PM

GILLYMARC streaming on Twitch, dude is killing it


In February I revisited the topic of MyNBA streaming, and revived my quest to make streaming popular within the community. I figured people would be more likely to stream if it was easier to do so; after all, this is an app on a mobile phone, many of us got into it in the first place because it was mobile and easy. Streaming apps off the computer isn’t easy—you need a mirroring program or an emulator and you have to connect that to a streaming program like OBS. It’s all doable if you have a powerful enough computer, the right software and a good internet connection, but obviously less people are going to get into it if it’s super hard to set up. I thought, “You know what’s easy to stream off of? The Xbox and PS4! All you have to do is press ‘share’ and you can broadcast straight to Twitch, easy-smeazy!” Some mobile games (like Gems of War) also have console versions, so in February I emailed Danan to ask if MyNBA might ever have a console version, or if that would be impossible/hard to do. Danan, being the helpful guy that he is, got back to me quickly and said they have the capability to make a console version, it would just be a matter of some licensing hoops to jump through as well as weighing the overall benefit of doing it in the first place. So it other words, mayyyybe in the future but probably not.

If streaming straight from the console wasn’t going to be an option in the near future I figured the next best thing would be streaming directly from your phone. I contacted Twitch (also in February) asking whether or not it was possible to stream directly from your phone, rather than having to use a streaming program on the computer. Twitch support got back to me and said they didn’t have anything specific that allowed users to stream straight from there phones, but they said there’s a couple third-party apps that allow you to do that so I was going to have to dig some more.

After doing some research and downloading/trying a few apps I found a couple that do indeed allow you to stream straight from your phone. On my Andriod I was able to stream with both Shou and Live in Five, the stipulation is that you have to have Android OS 5.0 or higher, so if you’re running an older smartphone then streaming directly from your phone might not be possible. I’m not sure about the requirements for IOS. It was around the time I was doing all this research that I had the honor of visiting Cat Daddy HQ where I met the one and only younggaryoak. While we were sharing a sedan ride to the airport he told me about a friend of his that plays WWE Supercard and is partnered on a new streaming site called Kamcord. This piqued my interested and when I got home I registered on Kamcord.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.06.42 PM

YGO is the man!!


Kamcord is a live streaming site much like Twitch, only Kamcord is designated for apps only. Fortunately, like the above mentioned apps, Kamcord also allows you to stream straight from your phone, however you can also stream to Kamcord from your PC if you want to have a fancier setup. One major thing to note on Kamcord is that you cannot stream using an emulator, you must be using your actual phone while streaming, so some sort of mirroring program is required if you’re streaming through the PC.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.04.02 PM

Streaming on Kamcord using a mirroring program and OBS


I’ve been streaming on Kamcord for over two months now and it’s been a blast! At first Kamcord didn’t even list MyNBA in their game database but I emailed them requesting they add it and I received a response and confirmation of the addition within hours! I usually stream on Monday and Thursday evenings and in the afternoon on Saturdays. I have a solid group of regular followers that will be there every time I stream, we have a great time bantering in chat and taking each other on in the BTC. Sadly my phone operates much slower while streaming so I can only play 5-6 matches per round in the BTC rather than my usual 6-7, so my faithful followers routinely destroy me in the BTC but it’s all fun and games.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.01.25 PM

This must not have been during a stream!


It’s my hope that the MyNBA streaming community continues to grow. WWE Supercard has great community involvement on both Twitch and Kamcord (two of their great Kamcord streamers are davedogg116 and sonnyd89), I’d love to see MyNBA doing something similar. If you’re interested in live-streaming then you should check out the resources below. You can also tweet me or comment on this article and I can answer any questions you might have!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.19.09 PM

davedogg116 hard at work!




Check out my Kamcord channel and drop a follow! We do giveaways almost every stream and have an all-around great time:

Check out my buddy DNICE’s Kamcord channel, he’s just getting started up but his channel is going to be incredible, this is the same DNICE that placed 3rd overall in the recent Rockets/Knicks Rivals Clash!

The one and only DNICE!

The one and only DNICE!

If you’d like to stream yourself here are some helpful resources..

Bluestacks (Emulator, not allow on Kamcord)

AirServer (Mirroring Program)

Reflector 2 (Alternate Mirroring Program)

OBS (Streaming program)


P.S. shout out to the awesome people that have hosted giveaways in my stream. @LimanniYT, the giveaway king!  @Twista_309, @jay_manyaman, @Jay_DH_, @TheVapidGaming, @richardisverige, @xstevez and more!! I appreciate you all!

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