#Diddy Challenge!

Thanks for your interest in the #DiddyChallenge!


What it is

A fun MyNBA competition to keep things interesting as this year’s game fades into retirement.


How it works

There will be a bracket containing all of the contestants, to advance to the next round to need to do a better job against me (McDiddy/Diddy/DevineInspired/Preston) than your opponent that round. When you face me both of us will play until we’ve each cleared the board 5 times (excluding support card board clears). We will then tally the 2015-2016 Season Points Per Game of the 5 players you pulled and compare them to mine, this will determine your +/- (for retired players we’ll use the wheel of death to determine which year to use). If your PPG is 10 points higher than mine then you’re +10, if you’re 5 points below me you’re -5, and so on and so forth. Each round whoever has the higher +/- against me advances to the next round. If you happen to pull one player from each position in your 5 pulls you have the Trump Card, advancing automatically unless your opponent can also pull off the same feat.


Requirements to participate

The idea is to have the two of us to play simultaneously so everyone can see us face off against each other. In order for that to happen you have to stream your gameplay using the Kamcord app; I will add another window to the screen on my stream displaying your gameplay, that way everyone can see both of us play at the same time. Streaming your gameplay using the Kamcord app requires Android 5.0 or better, or iOS 8.0 or higher.


The event will begin Monday, August 1st. The conclusion date is not yet set. The winner will receive a standard copy of NBA2K17 for either XBOX One, Playstation 4 or the PC.

You’ll want to get in on this action so join up! You can join by declaring your entry over Twitter along with #DiddyChallenge, or by notifying me during one of my streams. Good luck!!

To see a video of me giving the details of this event follow this link: https://www.kamcord.com/v/NfyZsB2F16j

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